Thursday, February 17, 2011

MTA Bus Driver Leads Passengers In Song (Video)

The broken coin box seen when boarding the crosstown bus—which means everyone rides for free—was the first sign this ride was going to be a better bus ride than normal.

The good feeling riding for free inspires, with a bus full of others who are beneficiaries, must be contagious because the bus driver started playing trivia over the intercom. Playfully prodding, he requested: "Give me ten body parts that only have three letters." A woman sitting nearby quickly rolled off three: "Eye, leg, lip." Someone near the front shouted out: "toe!" and the count got to eight pretty quickly. The last two came as well, but not so easily.

And the bus driver wasn't done entertaining the crowd. As you can hear in the video below, after he told a joke that was preempted by a passenger, he then led the bus in song, singing happy birthday to a birthday girl.

Offering some words of advice, the bus driver continued: "Lets look alive people, we only live once. Tomorrow's not promised." Afterward, as an elderly man disembarked, he told the driver: "You're the best bus driver I ever had." Listen in below:

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