Monday, February 14, 2011

Jay Shells Installs Unauthorized Mural In West Village

Jay Shells, well known for his artists campaign against errant dog sh*t, installed a massive mural this past Saturday on a burned up building at west 10th Street and Greenwich Avenue which "has been a real eye sore in the neighborhood for over a year," he told NYC The Blog. 

Shells and Benjamin Hollingsworth painted the mural in South Carolina a few months ago and shipped it to New York City for a show at Gallery Bar. When it failed to sell, they both decided to "'donate' it to the public."

"Not sure how long it will last," he wrote, "but it looks great!" Agreed.

UPDATE: Eater reports we can expect a new restaurant here very shortly.

(A previous version of the headline described the mural as "Massive," which was not the best description and implied something huge, larger than a large mural, which all murals tend to be! I immediately disliked the description, but did not remove it until it bothered me for a whole week.)

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