Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UPDATED: Mystery Of Prominent Decade Old Jewel Banner Solved

Though Jewel's This Way was released in 2001, that's not going to stop Best Buy (or Staples?) on a window in Staples at 86th and Lexington Avenue from continuing to market the album as if it was just released yesterday. If you missed purchasing the album the first time it came out, or any other time in the last ten years, you can order it on BestBuy.com for $7.99.

UPDATE: Glenn Feinberg, Program Director, LIVE @ Best Buy, sends word via email:
"That's Staples window and they don't have the key for it. Back in the day WEA [Warner Music Group's U.S. sales and distribution company] paid for that banner to be placed in there and it has remained up ever since."

So was the advertisement placed on behalf of Best Buy? NYC The Blog called Glenn and asked him. According to Glenn, the banner was not placed on behalf of Best Buy or Staples: "Atlantic Records wanted a high traffic area to advertise the album, so they approached Staples about the window." The window faces the 456 subway entrance/exit on Lexington Ave, so certainly qualifies as a high traffic spot.

And the banner hasn't escaped people's attentions; it's been suggested that a more current ad be hung. But Staples no longer has a key to the window. Glenn explained, slightly amused: "That banner is going to stay up there forever!"

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