Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Checking In With Hotel Toshi: Will They Stay Or Will They Go?

Embattled Hotel Toshi proprietor Robert Chan, also known as Toshi or Robert Toshi depending on which employee of Hotel Toshi you are talking to, reached out to NYC The Blog last month to inform of their imminent departure from 280 Mulberry Street: "no later than the 15th" of June. That date came and went and Hotel Toshi was still in business at 280 Mulberry Street.

When June 15 passed, NYCTB reached out to Robert looking for more information. After multiple emails and phone calls, an email from a Quentin arrived, explaining:
"...we are definitely vacating 280 Mulberry. We just have to amicably move our current tenants and leases and are rapidly securing approvals for each and every guest to release us from the reservations at 280 Mulberry and allow us to either refund them in full or to provide with with commensurate alternative accommodations.

At present, it looks like we will be completely out of the building by the end of the month, latest 3rd of July."
It should be noted that I received an email from a concerned neighbor, unsubstantiated at this time, that Hotel Toshi has signed yearly extension on their lease at that location.

I've emailed Hotel Toshi this morning for inquiring as to their status, asking if they did indeed vacate by July 3rd as informed. Will update when they respond.

UPDATE: Hotel Toshi responds: "Absolutely.  We've already vacated the entire building."

I've tried to confirm with the landlord and a tenant, and have not heard back from either.

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