Monday, June 21, 2010

Stenciled Compass Project Expands To Most Subway Lines

An unknown street cartographer recently began stenciling directional compasses along the Lexington Avenue 6 line for the directionally disoriented. And now the considerate cartographer has apparently expanded the project to include as many subway lines as possible. Over the weekend, compasses were noticed on the 123 line at Houston and Varick, and on the BDFV line somewhere at 2nd Ave! Stations at the 6 line, the 123 line, the FV and NRW now all have stenciled compasses.

What's more, members of Reddit have discovered the project, and have noted other stencils at varying locations. In addition to the lines spotted above, they have seen on the L train line and at the 14th Street Path station.

This will no doubt be a welcome development for commuters, residents and tourists alike. As a matter of fact, being temporarily disoriented on the streets of Manhattan is a universal enough problem that The New York Times looked at the issue this weekend, hitting the streets to find out how New Yorkers sense of direction fares.

Where have you seen them?

Sidewalk Graffiti Provides Navigational Assistance For Subway Commuters
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