Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shepard Fairey Mural Vandalised Yet Again; Receives An Exceptional Amount Of Damage

Sometime early today, the Shepard Fairey mural on Houston Street was vandalized yet again when someone kicked 11 new holes into the wall's structure which holds the mural. [UPDATE: Later that day/night, four new holes were added, bringing the total to 15.] Behind which the Os Gêmeos still exists. You can see it's bright colors shining through the holes in Shepard's mural.

This is at least the fourth time the mural has been vandalised with puncture wounds. It was only late last week that it four other holes were patched up. Is this the work of a serial vandaliser with a steel toe shoe, returning time and again to express his displeasure? All this destruction and repair is growing tiresome for some.

Bucky Turco of ANIMAL explained after last week's case of vandalism: "At this point, unless someone lights it on fire, I really don’t care what happens to Shepard Fairey’s mural..."

That hasn't happened yet, but it seems like the mural is in danger of being overwhelmed, and it's beginning to look like Shepard, in spite of his earlier claims to repair any damage the mural might incur,  is moving on.

See large photos of the damaged mural on NYC The Blog's facebook photo album page here.

UPDATE: Looks like people weren't done yet.

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