Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Skywatching SkyWatch: Where Are The NYPD's 8 Tactical Towers?

Northattan recently reported there are 11 SkyWatch units deployed around the state. When not plotting the destruction of the human race, SkyWatch towers are deployed by the NYPD to "hotspots," in an attempt to suppress crime and surveil the area. A spokeswoman with ICX, the company that manufactures them, candidly informed Northattan that the NYPD owns 8 SkyWatch units.

Using recent published reports, the map below identifies the locations of six SkyWatch towers in New York City. Four have been verified in December, one was spotted a few weeks ago at the United Nations, and one was photographed in Brooklyn this September by ANIMALNewYork. Click through the map to see the locations and accompanying reports for these six SkyWatch towers.

If you can identify the location of any other SkyWatch towers in New York City, or know that one of these six are no longer in the noted location, please leave a comment or send an email!
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