Sunday, March 22, 2009

Police Remove Man Allegedly Infested With Bed Bugs On The 2 Train

It seems the bedbug epidemic that has been building in nyc over the last few years has reached an apex. My roommate Aaron Howell explained he was riding the 2 train last night and a destitute gentleman was covered with little crawling translucent bugs. Himself and others surmised they were bedbugs. At home later, asked if he was sure they were bedbugs, Aaron replied, "no doubt."

An MTA employee riding in the car first noticed the man and bugs, and notified police who then removed the bed bug hotel from the train at 96th St. As if to allay any fears about bedbugs in the train, the MTA employee is reported to have explained that the cars get cleaned every night. They should just dump that one in the ocean to be safe.

In a community forum on bedbugs last year, Edward Brownbear, an official at the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development, declared that bedbugs are known to be present in some subway stations, hiding in benches and other places while waiting for you to sit down so they can hitch a ride home. And City Room spoke with urban entomologist Michael Potter about bedbugs in subway stations, who said, "If you go way back 100 years ago, bedbugs were very common on trains, on buses, in taxicabs, in all modes of transport."

Below is Aaron's twitter accounting of the episode.
Here is a picture of the clothes he was wearing that he promptly put in an airtight bag and disposed of.

The City Council recently created legislation for a Bed Bug Advisory Board.

Fuck bedbugs.
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