Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Wins; Subway Trains Parade Down 125th St Last Night.

With so much excitement on 125th St. last night, during and after the election; the New Orleans style jazz band leading people in song across the plaza, the drum circle in the plaza and traffic at a standstill due to the spontaneous parade that erupted after the results, some might have missed at least two subway cars rolling down the street that joined this makeshift parade at the tail end of the celebrations, well after 1am.

Though admittedly, they were not an officially sanctioned float in this unofficial parade, but instead were being transported on a flat bed, for their new home under the streets of NYC. It was quite a site in any event, 125th packed with people, buses stopped dead in a sea of people, and two flat beds rolling ever so slowly thru with two brand new, gleaming subway cars. It was if Obama himself offered them to nyc as a thank you gift.
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