Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTA NYC Transit Memorabilia & Collectibles. Did You Know The MTA Sells Subway Poles, (!) Globes, And More Online?

Yesterday Gothamist noted the 104th Birthday of the NYC Subway. So Happy Birthday!

NYC The Blog is a big fan of the NYC MTA and DOT, and everytime I walk by Billy's Antiques and Props on Houston St I become envious of the subway signs propped up in front of the tent and wait for the day when I can have my own subway sign, hopefully when I happen to walk by one being dismantled, thrown away, or abandoned in a subway renovation, as paying three to five hundred dollars at Billy's is not in the cards. Or maybe a sign will fall down right in front me on a late ride home on the A train.

Either way, I was perplexed as to how Billy came across so many, as I assumed the City of NY must appreciate the value they have, and would never throw or give them away when it came time to take one down or replace one. So I was pleasantly surprised while randomly browsing the web yesterday to see that the MTA does indeed appreciate the value these items might bring, with a page online for those purposes, selling off parts of subway and station items, or rather, 'Memorabilia & Collectibles'.

Lets look at what they have available. (links below are PDF)

*NEW ADDITION* SUBWAY CAR DOORS, $175.00 for the set

Side Roll Signs, $350.00

MTA Transit Logo, 30 inches diameter, $125.00

The website notes "COMING SOON!!!" Subway Poles $25.00 and I do agree that is worthy of red letters and multiple exclamation points.

Subway Globes, Green $150.00, Red $200.00

There is also some esoteric stuff as well such as master controls, horns, and more. You can check it all out on their Memorabilia and Collectibles page.

As well, the MTA maintains a surplus items page which handles a more utilitarian class off items then the ones listed above. For example, you can buy a surplus bus, unclaimed items such as this Canon EOS Elan 7 (pdf) , one of those little sidewalk snow plowers (pdf) (!! Ive always wanted one of those!!), a toll lane tennant scrubber? (pdf) miscellaneous office equipment, electronics, shop equipment, and more. Fukn awesome, and makes me a bit wistful for those days past when I had disposal income.

MTA Memorabilia & Collectibles Page
MTA Surplus Items
Contact/How To Order
Billy's Antiques

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