Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More NYC Tweets You Might Enjoy

Following up on yesterday's post featuring Twitter accounts that offer enjoyable snippets of NYC life, a few more have been brought to my attention, via Twitter obviously.

Twitters from NYC food trucks! Really? Yes. Apparently there are a few popular food trucks out there that use Twitter to alert fans on their location, special deals, and more.

Wafles and Dinges has a Twitter.
The Treats Truck has a Twitter.
Rickshaw Dumplings has a Twitter.
And the food website Midtown Lunch also has a Twitter, which they are trying to figure out how to use.

In addition to the the Twitters mentioned yesterday, we are well on our way to creating a great list of useful and informative nyc centric Twitters!
Check them out, and follow the one you like. My personal favorite is Newyorkology's Twitter. It stands out above the rest with a steady stream of life in nyc, in 140 characters or less. If you know of anymore great nyc Twitters, please leave them in the comments, or send me a direct message via Twitter; by prefacing your text with D newyorkist.

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