Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Information And Video Surfaces From Harlem's Violent Sunday Night

From YouTube user giantlaserbeams, the video to the right purports to be recorded during a night of six shootings in Harlem this past Sunday evening. Hip Hop Republican originally posted the video, noting it came "from an anonymous source of what occurred during Saturdays African American Day Parade shoot out." Due to a lack of reports from the press regarding the events on Sunday evening, either by design or from lack of information, this video stands alone in helping to illuminate events that evening. The user who posted the video did not include the street it was shot on, or at what time.

It appears the video was recorded from a roof, and shows a police helicopter circling overhead, while sirens can be heard in the background. At 58 seconds in, what sounds like a gunshot goes off, and people begin running down the street. At 2:48 in, someone is overheard saying, "Yo (inaudible) man, everyone is shooting fuckin guns man!" A phalanx of people assumed to be officers can be seen all over the street at this time. At 4.20 you can hear, "Yo! you stooges! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Put your hands on top of the car right now! Put your hands on top of the car!" The video ends at 5:35.

Peter Moskos, former police officer and current assistant professor at the City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and author of the book and blog of the same name, Cop In The Hood, wrote on his blog, "The [African American Day] parade ended in the afternoon. The tough kids come out at night. Between 11pm and 2am, people were walking around with guns, shooting them in the air. And this right by uniformed officers. Plain-clothed officers would tackle the kids."

The commentors at Hip Hop Republican have their own ideas about why there has only been a few sparse news reports about the shootings. "Its not on the news because of all the gentrification going on. can't scare all the white people..."

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter from an earlier post about the shootings states, "There was also another, unreported shooting at Fred Doug and 127th at around 10 pm. I saw the guy on the ground." If accurate and not an account of one of the 5-6 shootings already reported, (5 by the NY Post, 6 by the Daily News) that would bring the total to 7. That total may or may not include the gentleman who was shot dead in his car at Columbus Avenue & West 91st Street.

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