Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lexington Ave Chemists Closed; Starbucks Will Replace

Following an unfortunate economic trend of neighborhood pharmacies closing while chain outlets expand at an exceptional rate, another neighborhood pharmacy has closed its doors. Lexington Avenue Chemists at 1491 Lexington Ave at 96th Street, in the Carnegie Hill section of the Upper East Side, is closed, papered up and ready for a new tenant.

When the pharmacy closed is not clear; they were open last year, though that doesn't narrow it down much. The internet was no help, the phone number is disconnected, and a couple passersby asked weren't sure either. One thing is for sure; Starbucks will open a branch there in September.

The Huffington Post New York singles out eight independent pharmacies worth making a trip to.
RITE AID? WRONG FOR MANY. A Study of the Impact of Chain Pharmacies on Neighborhood Pharmacies 1990 - 2003 by New York's 9th congressional district representative Anthony D. Weiner

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