Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UPDATED: Has The Christian Audigier Soho Store Closed?

The windows at Christian Audigier's Soho branch on Prince and Lafayette Streets have been papered! This doesn't look good. Has it befallen the same fate its neighbor Parasuco succumbed to, and fallen out of fashion? Are the male fashionistas of New York City moving on to other clothing lines featuring bedazzled dragons?

The windows were thoroughly papered, completely obscuring any view inside, so it's impossible to catch a glimpse inside to see what was going on. An inquiry to Christian Audigier via Twitter was not yet returned. 

I can tell you one thing. If they have closed, my friend Foley is not going to be happy.

Racked gets an employee on the phone, who tells them "the store 'may or may not reopen' and they 'don't have details yet.'"

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