Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPDATED: Golden Gloves: 3 Boys Attack One Man In Herald Square Area; Man Turns The Tables, Attacks All Three

YouTube user khemist49 uploaded a video last week filmed on 34th Street and 5th Avenue, showing what appears to be three young adults attacking one man. At the five second mark, you can hear a passerby ask someone in reference to the man outnumbered: "Are you gonna help him?" The situation looks bleak as the attacked retreats into the road and in front of a taxi, dodging multiple blows along the way.

Making his way back to the sidewalk (as the video approaches the 40 second man) the beleaguered man turns the tables and launches an aggressive assault against all three attackers, who ultimately are forced to hit their heels and back away as the attackee becomes the attacker. He chases after them throwing punches, focused on one of the three in particular, assaulting him with opportunity. The NYPD arrive moments later.

Passersby made feeble if any attempts to get involved. 

UPDATE:  Inquiring with the individual who filmed the fight if he/she knew what preceded it, they wrote: "...i think it was over an iphone. the 1 man was riding his bike and hit one of the kids by accident, they took his phone and he fought to get it back."


Street Fighting On 14th Street
Bleecker Street Boxing

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