Monday, May 24, 2010

Shopping Box Boutique Opens On Broome Street

A new retail store has opened their doors, and boxes, at 360 Broome Street in the space formerly held by Klurk, the mens little fashion boutique that could.

Shopping Box, as the newly opened store is called, has lined their walls with shelving consisting of rows of white boxes; most of these boxes are holding items for sale. The items however, are owned not by the store but by others looking to sell them.

As is common in Japan, according to the proprietor, each box in the store is available for rent, with a high of $7 a day to secure yourself an eye level box in the window. The prices drop slightly for boxes above and below eye level. Though advertised at a daily rate, it was unclear if the boxes could actually be rented daily, as opposed to monthly, or weekly.

At the time of visit yesterday, the offerings at Shopping Box included brand new mobile phones for $250, luxury leather goods from Louis Vuitton and Gucci reaching upwards of $1,600, and all manner of bric-a-brac, such as ceramic ashtrays, for just a few dollars.

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Photo credit: Paolo Mastrangelo/NYC The Blog
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