Wednesday, December 30, 2009

McNally Jackson Books Remodels Cafe

McNally Jackson Books on Prince St. recently remodeled their cafe, (seen in photo at right, nicked via their Twitter). They added new lighting (with books attached), wall paper (made to look like books), and tables with tops that fold in or out as needed, school desk style. So you could say it's bookish, in a really neat way.

Pro: They make French soda. That may or may not be too bourgeois, but my father is right off the boat and my mom was right behind him, so an exemption applies.

Con: You might inexplicably be made to drink your espresso drink in a paper cup because you don't have a seat. I know, the horror. You might as well just eat cardboard.

Conclusion: It's all worth it, and then some. In addition to the whole cafe culture, staring at people thing, you can peruse ambitious $40 magazines that will stop printing after the third issue, gratis. You can purchase a copy of Panaroma or interview Keith Gessen at McNally Jackson. That's worth an espresso and French soda no matter how you do your math. You would've thought that during yesterday's Bookstore Twitter Battle, McNally would have pulled this card, but they never did. Two more photos of the new cafe are below, also nicked from their Twitter.

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