Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rats Win: Two More Rats on the Train™ Videos!

Everyone it seems, wants to share in the bounty of rat video news. "I don't really WANT to publish another rat subway video this early on a Monday, " Gothamist's John Del Signore explained yesterday, after they shared video of a *pet* rat on the train, "but that's the world we're living in." Indeed. But you know what? Pet rats don't count as the New York Ciy rats that nightmares are made out of and are certainly not part of the Rats on the Train™ brigrades currently at war with the New York City subway system.

Real Rats on the Train™ scurry about frightening commuters and attacking people. "Rat-video king" NYC The Blog, "the World Star Hip Hop of the subway system," has these videos. And today there are two new ones to share.

The first one features a "baby rat" filmed recently on a packed 6 train. Watch and listen as train car full of commuters squeal at the sight of rat.

The next video was filmed by 22 year old Davell Martinez on January 14, aboard an early morning A train heading north to Washington Heights. Martinez told NYC The Blog he saw the rat jump up onto the seat to grab a bite of food. "It fell back down and that's when some random guy tried to pick it up and I guess throw it out of the train."

The rat then hid behind the feet of a passed out commuter, where Martinez started filming. The guy was passed out cold. "I mean he had his phone and gloves on the floor, " Martinez explained. "Not only that, he didn't know what was going on around him."

At this point, Rats on the Train™ have proven to be so unremarkable, unless a group of them marched on a train and held it hostage, it might be time for NYC The Blog to move on from the Rats on the Train™ beat.

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