Monday, August 23, 2010

Hudson River Park Has Dog Free Lawn; One Rule Breaker Gets Confronted On Video

New York City's Sh*t and Piss War has expanded, engulfing Hudson River Park last week. Fearless video documentarian Joey Boots, self described "concerned citizen at large," saw one too many people flaunt a flagrant disregard of the dog free lawn rule in Hudson River Park last week. Fed up, Boots enlisted in the S&PW Armed Forces on the spot, and parachuted into the front lines.

With a park patron enjoying a lovely day on the grass with her dog (on a dog free lawn!) Boots confronted the offender and her "little monster" on camera. His tactic was a bit more direct than Jay Shells' approach, for instance.

"Did you happen to see the sign that says this is a dog free lawn?" Boots quizzed her. "Rules are rules," he continued, "and I've seen little dogs like that take humongous shits..." The encounter devolved from there. Watch the video below.

Joey Boots, a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show and member of The Wack Pack, spoke with NYC The Blog via Facebook explaining what motivated him to confront this dog owner: "I have never confronted anyone with a dog before. I love dogs but sometimes their owners can be a problem," he clarified. "Take for instance where I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Now and then when I leave my building in the morning I will see a decent pile of dog shit right there on the sidewalk for someone to step on like a feces landmine waiting to ruin your day first thing in the morning. I will confront them on camera if and when I see it committed."

There you have it New York dog owners, you are on notice. As noted prior, New York City has rules  and you will be publicly shamed for breaking them. You might even be recorded by Joey Boots, forever remembered as a rule breaker.

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