Monday, July 12, 2010

Things People Do In New Luxury Apartments: Fist Pump; Flash Your Vagina; Take Your Shirt Off; Smoosh Your Boobs Against The Glass; Give A Middle Finger; Be A Matador

What do you do after you purchase a new luxury apartment at the Ian Schrager designed 40 Bond, where units sold for anywhere from 2.5 million to 15 million dollars or more? You have a huge party on Sunday afternoon, that's what. You and you're guests fist pump, flash passersby your chest and crotch, play loud music out your open windows, pretend you are a matador, flip people off. Basically, you do whatever the hell you want to.

And if it's your apartment, as the gentleman in the photo above claimed, you run outside to entertain you're guests streetside, pretending your are a matador and whipping your shirt off. You just paid well over 2.5 million dollars for your apartment. You have arrived. It's Kool and the Gang time!

NSFW photos after the jump!

Fist pumping

A courteous chest flashing

A courteous crotch flash, sans panty

A courteous boob smoosh

Middle fingers for you and the kids

Spain won the world cup, time to be a matador!

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Related: "Technically speaking," reports The New York Times, "living in NoHo more or less requires being an artist, under the terms of a 1976 zoning amendment."

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