Monday, October 6, 2008

Rapper, Producer, Genius, Blogger, And Harlem Resident Charles Hamilton Latest Mixtape Pens An Ode To Twitter And The Internet

Following in the eccentric, media savvy, and prolific footsteps of Kool Keith, Kanye, and others, Charles Hamilton, the "Best Blogger Alive," is a prolific artist gleefully using the tools of the internet as a creative outlet. He has now and in the past used so many urls and alter-egos that it is challenging to keep track of them all. His latest embrace of the internet culminated with his latest tour, which is taking place exclusively online,
"...The Hamiltonization Process" is a 3-month, 8-site tour that begins on Tuesday, September 2nd on and ends on Tuesday, December 9th on tour will travel in cyberspace instead of the conventional on-the-road style of touring in an effort to reach close to two (2) million unique visitors combined instead of thousands potentially going city to city. New music from Charles Hamilton will be premiered exclusively on each site for two weeks..."
His newest mixtape, Death of a the Mixtape Rapper, which you can download here, (or here) details his familiarity with web2.0 tools, and contains the tracks Windows Media Player, as well as Twitter 16, where he implores someone to just "twitter me baby." The standout track Harlem should allay any reservations one might have about his skills as a rapper.

Colin McGowan at Coke Machine Glow, which is like Pitchfork for wicked cool guys, (Can you be cooler then Pitchfork?) panned the album, calling Charles an "asshole", and "blatantly annoying," continuing that "he’s no Weezy,". Weezy's music of course, being practically unlistenable. I'm not a critic or a writer, so I'll just revert to ad hominem attacks here and say that Colin McGowan is an idiot.

As Charles said on Harlem, "Homie, you can't be me if I clone me, blow me. You playin' with poison being blatantly annoying, I make it so that Satan see's your face this morning."

Charles Hamilton - Harlem (zShare)
Charles Hamilton - Twitter 16 (zShare)
Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player (zShare)

You can get Charles Hamilton's complete DJ Skee hosted The Death of the Mixtape Rapper here.

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Charles Hamilton Facebook

And oh yah, he Twitters too.

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